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“Black Hebrew Israelites” A part of the Black Supremacists – The New and More Dangerous Hate Group

Racism is antithetical to the precepts of Torah and Judaism. There are several different groups who claim Jewish identity but are not recognized by ANY movement of Judaism in Israel or in ANY Jewish community anywhere in the entire world as being a part of the Jewish community. Some of them preach hatred to one another, each of them claim to be the “real” covenant people and try to negate Judaism. NO religious group in the world claiming the New Testament dogma, contradictory to the covenant of Israel at it’s core, are recognized by any movement of Judaism. At least one of these is a black group, called the “Black Hebrew Israelites.” This CULT is recognized by the FBI and multiple civil rights organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama and the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai Brith as a racist hate group.( )

This movement has been associated with extreme acts of violence in the recent past, and current intelligence from a variety of sources indicates that extreme factions of BHI groups are preparing for a race war to close the millennium. Violent BHI followers can generally be described as proponents of an extreme form of black supremacy. Drawing upon the teachings of earlier BHI adherents, such groups hold that blacks represent God’s true “chosen people,” while condemning whites as incarnate manifestations of evil. As God’s “authentic” Jews, BHI adherents believe that mainstream Jews are actually imposters. Such beliefs bear a striking resemblance to the Christian Identity theology practiced by many white supremacists. In fact, Tom Metzger, renowned white supremacist, once remarked, “They’re the black counterpart of us.” Like their Christian Identity counterparts, militant BHI followers tend to see themselves as divinely endowed by God with superior status. As a result, some followers of this belief system hold that violence, including murder, is justifiable in the eyes of God, provided that it helps to rid the world of evil.

Neither the Israeli government nor the Orthodox rabbinate recognize the legitimacy of BHI claims to Judaism. According to Jewish law, an individual can be recognized as Jewish if he/she was born to a Jewish mother or if the individual agrees to convert to Judaism. At present, BHI in Israel have legal status as temporary residents, which gives them the right to work and live in Israel, but not to vote. They are not considered to be Israeli citizens. While BHI claims to Judaism are disregarded by Israeli officials and religious leaders, the BHI community is tolerated and appears to be peaceful.

Their race war hoped for in 2000 did not materialize, but they haven’t given up preparations and across North America, their vitriol has escalated as the other articles from the Southern Poverty Law Center reveal. The FBI and state law enforcement agencies regularly refer to the SPLC and their Hatewatch units to monitor the activities of hate groups across the US. They do not follow Judaism, nor do they follow Torah precepts. They consider their identity based on notions of race rather than what determines Jewish identity (laws of Torah) and they follow beliefs that are utterly outside of and contradictory to Judaism, as some of the other groups who hijack Jewish identity are known to do.

The BHI even adopted the notion created by White supremacists who also hate them! They promote the bigoted history revisionism that white skinned Jews were all somehow not really the descendents of the tribes of Israel because of a long disproved notion that all European Jews are from the converts of the Khazar empire. The Khazars were a small ethnic group of Turkey that chose to convert to Judaism in the 9th century CE rather than to either Islamic or Christian armies that had threatened them. The notion that light-skinned Jews, or Jews from Europe are all Khazars and somehow imposters is a hallmark of the White supremacist and antisemitic Christian Identity ideology. Jews were well established throughout Europe and even into the British Isles by the time the small city state of Khazaria became a thorn in the side of those who wanted to eliminate the Jewish people. Race is a non-issue in Judaism, and the Jews remain a multi-racial people. Black people comprise only about 2% of Jews in the world today, but their presence among the Jewish people goes back to the time of slavery in Egypt and the mixed multitude and Moses’ black wife Zipporah. The “Black Hebrew Israelites” aren’t them.…click on Jewish Diversity there.……………

In Montgomery, Alabama there is a man named Christopher Miles who calls himself the “Head Priest” of the “Institute of Israel” and even has a blog talk radio show, multiple Facebook pages, and some foolish followers. He claims to be a physician, but no hospital of record has him on staff, including the University of Alabama at Birmingham which he has listed on his Facebook page. God help anyone who seeks real medical attention from this man, as he is clearly delusional. He and his followers refer to white people as devils and use the terms “Esau” and “Edomites” on Facebook so their comments are not taken down for hate speech. Facebook is aware of this now, thanks to the law enforcement agencies and civil rights organizations I have been working with. We have already managed to get the main “Instill O Israel” page shut down for 30 days. The next time will be permanent. They have changed their privacy settings but since federal law enforcement is involved we are able to monitor all of their postings. It is only a short matter of time before all of their social media outlets are taken away.

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